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The 23rd China(Guangzhou) International Valve, Pipe Fittings and Flange Exhibition 2021

Date: 10th-12th May, 2021    Venue: China Import & Export Fair Complex, Area B


  • China has entered the major industry of instrumentation and production. Through years of development, it has already possessed a considerable industrial scale. Facing the complicated international trade situation, China's instrumentation industry should firmly grasp the strategic advantage period of development, in line with "innovation priority, The principle of key breakthroughs, technology integration, solid foundation, and diversified investment, the layout is in line with the development plan of strategic emerging industries. The development of the instrumentation industry plays an important role. More and more instrumentation equipment in China has entered the stage of the international market and has gradually joined the ranks of international competition. Last year, the instrumentation industry performed relatively strong in export trade.

    The 2021 China (Guangzhou) International Instrument and Meter Exhibition was held at the same time as the 23rd Guangzhou International Fluid Exhibition. Flowexpo was founded in 1997 and is held in Guangzhou every year. It is recognized by the industry for its ‘professional profession, audience-to-mouth, and exports are remarkable’, and it is also a brand exhibition recognized by Guangzhou. Our exhibition is one of the largest, most specialized and most advanced exhibitions in the fluid industry. It is brand display, engineering procurement, technology procurement, supporting cooperation, user negotiation, import and export, distribution agency, OEM. Important channels.

    FLOWEXPO attracts more than 10,000 professional buyers and suppliers from more than 40 countries and regions every year. It is a global industry exchange and B2B trade show. With the implementation of the national one-on-one strategy. We focus on inviting national experts from the Belt and Road to visit. Let exhibitors face the Belt and Road business opportunities. Allow exhibitors to get real export opportunities.



22,000 M 2

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  • 广州国际流体展览会
  • 广州国际流体展览会
  • 广州国际流体展览会
  • 广州国际流体展览会
  • 广州国际流体展览会
  • 广州国际流体展览会
  • 广州国际流体展览会
  • 广州国际流体展览会
  • 广州国际流体展览会

Guangdong Manufacturers Association

Guangdong Province Industrial Park Association

Guangdong Province Association for Special Equipment

Zhejiang Pump & Valve Industry Association

Wenzhou Longwan District Valve Industry Association

Guangdong Province Fluid Mechanical Technical Institute

Guangzhou Hechuan Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou Flowexpo Exhibition Co., Ltd.


Jiangsu Valve Industry Association


Guangdong Industrial Gases Occupation Association

Southern China Green Industrial Innovation Alliance

Guangdong Electroplating Industry Association

Guangdong Paper Association

Guangdong Coating Industry Association

Maoming Petrochemical Industry Association

Guangdong - CIS International Science and Technology Cooperation Union

Huizhou Petrochem and Chemical Industry Association

Guangzhou Machine Tool Industry Association

Nanxiong Chemical Industry Association


National Company KazMunayGas

LUKOIL Oil Company

Rosneft Oil

SOCAR-AQS Limited Liability Company

Kirghizia Oil and Gas Joint-stock Corporation

Georgian Oil & Gas Corporation

The National Academy of Sicence of Ukarine,

Consulate General of The Russian Federation in Guangzhou

Consulate General of The Republic of Belarus in Guangzhou